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Our Cabinet Refacing Plus+ service includes one major upgrade over Cabinet Refacing. With our Plus+ service, your existing cabinet doors and drawer fronts will still be replaced with a New Door Style, but instead of painting the existing cabinet frames to match the New Doors, the existing cabinet frames will be covered with a real wood veneer or maintenance-free laminate to match the new doors.

Service overview

Our team will project manage your kitchen renovation project from start to finish, so you can relax and do something far more interesting with your weekends instead! Our expert craftspeople perform precise measurements to ensure your new Refaced Plus+ cabinets boxes are seamless and color-matched to perfection with your new doors and drawer fronts. The transformation is finally completed with your choice of new hinges, handles and molding.

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The Process

Measure & Order new doors

Complete detailed measurements for new doors, drawer fronts, end panels, cabinet frames & custom carpentry upgrades

Add High Quality Veneer or laminate

The layer of lamination is adhered as the exterior finish, in your choice of quality wood or laminate veneer.

remove old doors & drawer fronts

Your existing doors and drawer fronts are removed to get your kitchen prepared for refacing.

install All New Doors & Drawers

New doors, drawer fronts, cabinet end panels are installed to perfectly match your freshly refaced cabinet structure. New hinges and new hardware complete the kitchen refacing transformation!


Refacing and Refinishing are completely different kitchen remodeling processes. When refacing, an installer removes the doors and drawers, laminates or paints the existing cabinet frames in the new color, style and material and then replaces the doors and drawers fronts with all-new. Refinishing (also referred to as Painting) requires sanding the existing cabinets, doors & drawer fronts and painting all of these existing kitchen components.
Cabinet Refacing Plus+ can last a lifetime if special care and measures are taken. Under normal kitchen use and conditions, you can expect to enjoy up to 20 years.
Building permits are not required with Cabinet Refacing or Refacing Plus+, but are required to install new cabinetry. Building permits can cost anywhere from a few hundred to well over a thousand dollars. So, you can save even more money by opting for cabinet refacing and eliminating the need for a permit.
Drawer boxes cannot be refaced but can be replaced with new solid wood, dovetail design boxes. Replacing the drawer boxes is not required but is recommended in many instances and would be installed with all new, soft close drawer slides. For all cabinet refacing projects, new drawer fronts are included.

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